woman at marie wood photography sttod against a wall in manchester

The person behind the lens :

A Manchester lass living in Whitefield where I was born and bred, brought up on hotpot, pie, egg and chips!. Married with 2.4 children (0.4 being a slightly unhinged Bichon Frise),  I eat healthier for energy now! You could say I’m a northerner with an infinite love of the city and hipster soul; wondering the streets taking in achitecture and browsing the quirky shops of Manchester, and afternoons in Afflecks amongst indie and house music vinyls. My indulgences always stem from creativity.

From classic Hollywood movies like Gone With the Wind, to the transitional colours of the seasons; I have always been visually inspired. I photograph the enrichments of subtle beauty, just to cherish it - knowing that true beauty isn’t always ‘perfect’. For as long as I can remember, I have been passionate about street photography - the narrative and the alluring imperfections. Perhaps it was my fascination in normal people doing normal things, that began my photographic journey...using the still frame to imitate life.

I went to nightschool and was taught all about the darkroom, purchasing my first film camera , my pride and joy at twenty one. Joining nightschool to nourish my interests, my knowledge expanded and my skill increased, as my passion for the creative world became more. The days of film are now over and I use digital when working, maybe that old film camera needs an airing !!! So here I am, some many years later; a wedding, portrait, street and family photographer, shooting in the documentary style that I love - ever thankful that my true passion became my dream job.


My proudest moment , after having my two wonderful children that is , is when I did my first ever photography exhibition, depicting the people and places of Manchester . Wow, what a night, it was amazing, definitely want to do it again. And I will ,when the time is right I can concentrate on my personal work once again. I have already put it on my bucket list.........................I shall exhibit once again !!!



What do I do?


My obsession with the unobtrusive has become my maker. Storytelling in the documentary style allows a moment to unfold as it happens, capturing each second unforced and un posed. The smiles, the movement, the expressive reactions...capturing that single snapshot of a moment, with the skillset of knowing where to be and expecting the unexpected, will always define what I do.  


I am constantly updating my knowledge with invested training, seeking to build on my skills from strength to strength. So that I can be one of the best photographers out there. I shoot in a relaxed way, because I find that when I am, so are you...and in turn everything happens more freely. I cover all areas of the North West including Bury, Ramsbottom, Whitefield, Prestwich and central Manchester.


So this is me and what I do. My name is Marie Wood; a down to earth northerner who loves creating beautiful images , a family portrait and wedding photographer, specialising in informal documentary style imagery.


“Everyone has a story to tell and stories through laughter is what I capture best "